August 1, 2021


Call to Worship

We come together to read the old stories.

We are looking for God’s word to all people, long ago and today.

Some of the stories we remember from Sunday School.

The Lord said to Noah, There’s gonna be a floody floody!

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation; Noah walked with God. And Noah had three sons.

Get those children out of the muddy muddy!

Children of the Lord, let us worship God together.


Hymn: All Creatures of our God and King

Prayer of Confession

Holy One, you made the Earth and all that is in it. We give thanks for the sky and the seas, the mountains and the valleys, the trees and the flowers, the birds that fly and the fish that swim and all the animals that walk or crawl or creep on the land. You called on human beings to care for Creation, to serve you and praise you by loving all you have made.

We don’t always do it well. We remember the story of Noah, and a time when people forgot to take care of the Earth and each other. We ask forgiveness for the ways we fail to love your world with our whole hearts. Help us to do better, one step at a time, just the way Noah built the ark one cubit at a time.


Assurance of Pardon

The Lord said to Noah, “But I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.” God made a covenant with Noah, and God keeps a covenant with us. No one will ever be left behind again. Come into the ark of forgiveness, beloved Children of God!


Passing the Peace

In the Ark of this church, we are one family of faith. Sometimes it feels like close quarters! That’s all the more reason to greet one other with a sign of God’s peace. The peace of Christ be with you.

And also with you

Scripture: Selections of Genesis 6-9

Sermon: Stories to Live By- The Arky Arky   Pastor Jordan Rimmer

Closing Hymn: This is My Father’s World

Benediction and Closing Song: God be with you till we Meet Again
God be with you till we meet again; By His counsels guide, uphold you,
With His sheep securely fold you; God be with you till we meet again.

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