August 15, 2021


Call to Worship

We gather today to worship the One who created us,
The One who calls us,
The One who equips us,
The One who loves us without end.
Children of God: welcome!
Welcome to this place of love and grace,
Welcome to this place of hope and perseverance.
God invites all of us to be a part of the beloved community,
God invites all of us to share in the good news:
We are welcome, just as we are. We are loved, just as we are.

A love that never ceases,
A creativity that designed the universe,
A hope that cannot be quenched,
A pursuit of reconciliation no matter the cost:
These are the things that are of God,
Then let us worship God.


Praise Song: Your Grace is Enough

Praise Chorus: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Scripture: Romans 5:12–21

Sermon: Stories to Live By- Two Adams
               Pastor Jordan Rimmer

Closing Hymn: Grace that is Greater

Benediction and Closing Song: Doxology

CCLI #11371293/CVLI #504239363

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