July 18, 2021


Call to Worship

When Jesus was in the wilderness, he was tempted to save himself.
We often look for the good things for ourselves first, before the well-being of others.
Jesus was offered salvation if he turned stones to bread; if he accepted wealth and power; if he tested God’s commitment to him.
In all these things, Jesus remained strong in his commitment to God.
May our commitment be as strong.
May our lives be placed in God’s caring hands throughout our journey.

When we are tempted to think of our immediate needs and turn our back on others, Jesus draws us back to reality.
All we truly need is you, O Christ.

Praise Song: I Surrender All

Praise Song: Seek Ye First

Scripture: Luke 4:1-13

Sermon: Stories to Live By- The Temptation of Jesus            Pastor Jordan Rimmer

Closing Hymn: Lead On O King Eternal

CCLI #11371293/CVLI #504239363

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