Welcome to this house of the Lord!
Thank you. We are glad to be here this morning.
This is a time to offer our praise to God.
With joy we thank God for all the blessings that have been poured on us.
God has abundantly cast God’s seeds of love and hope upon us.
May we be fruitful soil for the planting and growing of hope and peace.
Come, let us worship God who showers us with mercy.
Give praise to God who offers us rest and peace. AMEN.

Lord, forgive us when we doubt your mercy and your love. We are so caught up in getting everything that we want; and we want it all right now. We have trouble waiting and remembering that it is in the waiting that we might hear your voice. It is difficult for us to believe that we can be fruitful, good soil for your words and work. We find excuses not to be attentive to you, but to focus instead on our own desires. Slow us down, Lord. Remind us again of your mercy and your love; for we offer this in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.


God hears your cries and heals your wounded hearts. God is preparing you for good things to come. Place your trust in God who has always loved you and will always love you. AMEN.

THE PRAISE SONG    “Will You Come and follow Me” (The Summons)

       Mark 4:1-20


THE SERMON “Parables to Live by: The Sower” Rev. Dr. Jordan Rimmer

HYMN- No 377             “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee”

THE CHORAL BENEDICTION- No. 142   “Glory Be to the Father”


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