October 11, 2020



We are going to have 2 services on Sunday mornings starting November 8. At 9:30 we will have a drive-in service with the pastor and praise team in the third story windows. No one will direct you to park. Just park facing the windows. Our 10:45 service will happen in the sanctuary with masks and social distancing. You can see below our expectations of social distance and safe practices. There will be no Sunday school, coffee hour, or nursery.


Online sermons will continue as will these mail packets. We are sure that there are going to be more changes because this situation is so fluid. But we are going to start here and then adapt moving forward.

For our services:

  • Masks- Masks (or face shields) are required.
  • Social Distancing- Seating will be spread out. You will be asked to spread out in pews that have pew cushions. We ask that you enter the sanctuary and go directly to your seat. Please do not wander around.
  • Attendance- We will take a picture of the congregation every week so that we have a record of who was in church in case we need to track contacts.
  • Singing- We will have music in worship. We ask that you stay seated and hum or sing quietly with your masks on.
  • Bulletins- Bulletins will be laid out on seats before you come into worship.
  • Dismissal- We will dismiss from the back by row like a wedding. We ask people to go directly to their cars.
  • Offering- Offering will be collected in buckets as you depart.
  • Drive-In- For the 9:30 service, come into the parking lot and park facing the third story windows. The audio will be played on 87.9fm.

Call to Worship: An Adaptation of Psalm 9

Let we who live with faith in God proclaim,

"Lord, You are my refuge and my fortress, my God I will trust forever."

Let we who trust in the Lord know that holy love surrounds us.

God's protection will follow us throughout our days.

When we call out to the Lord,

We know that we are heard.

God is with us in every trial and temptation,

Therefore we will rejoice in the salvation of the Almighty! Amen!


Praise Song- Reckless Love


Closing Hymn- O God of Every Nations


Sermon: Render Unto Caesar: Two Kingdoms A sermon about how Jesus related to the political system of his day and what that means for us.         Pastor Jordan Rimmer


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