CALL TO WORSHIP   (Psalm 119, Jeremiah 31)

How beautiful is the word of the Lord!
How wise are God’s commandments!
Through the Lord’s precepts, we gain understanding.
Through God’s wisdom, we find truth.
The Lord is our God; we are God’s people.
God’s word lives within us, for it is written on our hearts.
Living Word, Great Teacher, lead us and guide us!

PRAYER OF CONFESSION (2 Timothy 3–4, Luke 18)

From the least of us, to the greatest, Lord, we want to know you;
we yearn to follow where you lead us; we need your guidance.
But even as we listen for your direction, other voices compete for our attention with teachings that suit our desires. Our thoughts drift so far from your truth, that fables and fancies begin to seem real. Holy One, open our hearts and minds. By your Spirit, convince, rebuke, and encourage us as only you can; teach, correct, and inspire us in the ways of your salvation. Amen.


WORDS OF ASSURANCE    (Jeremiah 31, Luke 18)

When we cry out, God helps us without delay. Do not lose heart, for the Lord forgives our iniquity and remembers our sin no more.

THE PRAISE SONG              “O Praise Him”

       Luke 18:1-8


THE SERMON “Parables to Live by: The Judge and the Widow

Rev. Dr. Jordan Rimmer

HYMN- No 400             “Have Thine Own Way Lord”


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